Small and medium-sized incinerators CHIRIMESER series
We are not out of the smoke ! ! Ultra-low dioxin ! !
To contribute to the improvement of the global environment, beginning won numerous awards our innovative product technology is the Minister of the Environment Award. We received a high evaluation.
In addition, such as washed ashore garbage problem solving the island, we have left a lot of achievements.

Small incinerator CHIRIMESER TG-49 / TG-29

Solid experience and track record! Extreme low pollution Small incinerator “CHIRIMESER".
We will be happy to suggest with confidence.

Extreme low pollution small incinerator
☆ 2004 Prefecture Governor,
  patent invention best award
☆ 2008 Kyusyu invention award

□ Material of burnable:
General garbage, Raw garbage, Wood,
Waste tire, Waste plastic

Burning capacity:Mixed waste material  less than 45kg/h
Fire grate area: 0.49㎡

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Burning capacity:Mixed waste material less than 29kg/h
Fire grate area: 0.29㎡

◆ Exhaust smoke component test results

itemunitJapanese Environmental regulation valueCHIRIMESER
Dioxin densityng-TEQ/Nm350.11
Dust densityg/Nm30.50.003
Sulfur oxide exhaustNm3/h2.50.000064
Nitrogen oxide densityppm25013
Hydrogen chloride densitymg/Nm37004.2


Extreme low pollution Small incinerator “CHIRIMESER" & Hot water supply system by using exhaust heat.
Let contribute for area and earth enviroment along with cost reduction of the waste material and boiler fuel.

☆ 2013 Okinawa inventory chairman’s award

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Middle size incinerator CHIRIMESER TG-195

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High-performance and environment-friendly incinerator.
Removal system to the exhaust.
Reduction in the running cost.

☆ 2006 Environmental for
  prevention of greenhouse
  Environmental Minnistry award
☆ 2006 Okinawa governor invention award
☆ 2011,2012 Kyusyu invention award

■ Burning capacity: Mixed waste material less than 196kg/h
■ Fire grate area: 1.96㎡

◆ TG-195  Exhaust smoke component test results

itemunitJapanese Environmental regulation valueCHIRIMESER
Dioxin densityng-TEQ/Nm350.98
Dust densityg/Nm30.50.015
Sulfur oxide exhaustNm3/h2.50.034
Nitrogen oxide densityppm2500.43
Hydrogen chloride densitymg/Nm37006.6


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