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Thomas Technical Research Institute Customer Interview

October 2, 2020 (Monday)

Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd. Itoman Sales Office Silt fence Management Center
Center director Tamaki

Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the water pollution prevention membrane rental industry in Okinawa Prefecture, which has been in business for 36 years.

Itoman Sales Office “Water Pollution Prevention Membrane Management Center"

In a maintenance yard with all sections paved for 3,000 tsubo (approx. 2.44 acres) with clean management and abundant inventory, we also respond to various requests such as special orders that match the harsh natural environment of Okinawa.


Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd.


【Q】Please tell us about the situation before the introduction of the small incinerator (hereinafter, Chirimeser) and the purpose of the introduction.

I’m not involved at the time of installation, so I don’t know the details, but before install of Chirimeser, it seems that I had asked an industrial waste company to dispose of the separated waste materials.

I think I was working to manually cut the waste materials so that they could be disposed of, and then fold them in time for the collection date. Of course, I think it cost some money.


Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd.


I think that the Chirimeser had the advantage of being installed because it can reduce the unit cost of waste disposal and also reduce smoke and harmful substances such as dioxins, so I think that it is operating in this way.

Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

【Q】How is the working and effect of Chirimeser?


Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd.We incinerate the materials to be discarded several times a month.Since the delivery of collected materials such as anti-pollution membranes is the highest priority, it will procrastinate the separated waste materials.

I would like to increase the number of operations and operating hours of the Chirimeser.

Of course, there is an effect of introducing Chirimeser.

As I explained, before the installation, we were requesting an industrial waste company, but now I incinerate it with a Chirimeser in the yard, so the cost is reduced.

Also, it’s nice to be able to dispose of it at a time that is convenient for us, without having to interact with industrial waste companies.


【Q】Please tell us your request to Thomas Technical Research Institute.

The water pollution prevention film collected from the site is not only large, but also contains water and is quite heavy. It is a lot of hard work by hand, such as cutting and folding the waste material so that it can be put into the inlet of the Chirimeser.

I think that work efficiency will improve if the inlet of the Chirimeser is made larger. It is not a place that can be easily improved, but this is our request from the field.

Also, I would like to you to the height of the inlet of Chirimeser to be a little lower.

The work of lifting and throwing in large and heavy waste materials is quite hard work.

It will be much easier if you can insert it as it is from the position I held it.


【Q】Please tell us about future efforts at the Pollution Control Membrane Management Center.

It is quite difficult to manage clean materials and respond quickly to delivery until “collection", “separation" and “maintenance" of pollution prevention membranes and oil fence are performed, and “delivery" to the site.

There is a slight shortage of manpower, but thanks to the efforts of my colleagues, I am doing it.

Also, the incineration of the materials to be sorted and discarded is not as in time as I expected, but I would like to improve work efficiency and devote it to the incineration time.

I think that we can process the materials to be disposed of more efficiently if the requirements and maintenance for Thomas Technical Research Institute are enhanced. I’m looking forward to it.


【Comments from sales staff of Thomas】

Daikei Sangyo rents and sells anti-pollution membranes that are indispensable for landfill construction.

From the perspective of the Chirimesa user, Director Tamaki has requested that “this is easier to use."

It is very helpful because we can receive opinions that the development side does not notice easily.

We are developing and customizing products based on the opinions of our customers, so please tell us anything you have any concerns about while using it.

Daikei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Civil engineering material sales and general construction industry
Civil engineering and construction industry, Okinawa Prefecture Governor’s permission (general-19) No. 9264
Founded: June 1984

Address : 1-9-22 Akebono, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0002
Contact : TEL 098-866-3783
Home page : http://www.cosmos.ne.jp/~daikei-s/index.html


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