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Business creed, guiding precepts of a company


Corporate Philosophy

◆ Environmental improvement through the technique
◆ Research and development of the new technology

Representative greeting

We January 9, 2008, the corporate philosophy of “environmental improvement through technology, social contribution, research and development of new technologies”, we established set a “Faith-Hope-Love” to the mission statement, motto. Love of man and nature, to believe that we can realize the thought as definite form, to push forward with hope. That is the mission of the Thomas Institute of Technology. Prosperity society pursue in recent years that shadow global environment is threatened by, and aim to be the global environment in which to live by for the children who are the future, we want committed while poor ability, will continue to push forward.

Corporate Data

Company NameThomas technical institute Co., Ltd.
Head office5192-42, Katsuren-haebaru, Uruma city, Okinawa 904-2311, Japan
Tokyo officeTohou tsushin building, inside Columbus house
1-14-4 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan
Establishment of a companyJanuary 9, 2008
Company foundationJanuary 1, 2003
CapitalTen million yen
Business contentsSmokelessness small size incinerator・Waste oil a fuel facilities medium size incinerator Research, development, design and sales of environment-related products
Research, development, design and sales of energy-saving products
RegistrationMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology registration No.7842
Member organizationsOKINAWAKEN GIJYUTSUSHIKAI, The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan, The Okinawa Society of Mechanical Engineers, Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation, The Urasoe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Okinawa Branch of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Okinawa Industrial waste society, Japan Construction Occupational Safety and Health Association, Organization for Workers' Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid, The construction industry retirement bonus mutual aid business headquarters.
Correspondent financial institutionThe Bank of Okinawa., Ltd.
Bank of The Ryukyus., Limited.
The Shoko Chukin Bank., Ltd.
The Okinawa Development Finance Corppration

Corporate History

January, 2003Company foundation
June, 2003Main product Small Incinerator Chirimeser TG-49 Completion
June, 2006Medium-sized incinerator Chirimeser TG-195 Completion
December, 2006Medium-sized incinerator Chirimeser TG-195 is Environmental for prevention of greenhouse Environmental Ministry award.
January, 2007The company relocated to Okinawa Prefecture Nishihara Town
January, 2008Establishment of a company
October, 2011Small incinerator TG-29 completion that target small shops and offices.
September, 2012Tokyo Office establishment
March,2013New products that use incineration heat of small incinerators TG-49 to the hot water supply equipment, thermal Chirimeser complete
December, 2013The headquarters relocation in Okinawa Prefecture Uruma City Katsuren-Haebaru


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