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Overseas Business Development

Research activities initiated towards the spread of small incinerator CHIRIMESER in Indonesia island regions.

Courtesy visit to Jakarta Governor
Indonesia Ministry of Industry visit

Currently, the Southeast Asian countries, in the back of population growth and rapid economic development, the problem of rapidly increasing waste has become a serious situation. Niokimashite Thomas Institute of Technology, but had been considering business expansion into overseas than before, application of the “projects of towards the spread of small incinerator that take the environment into consideration in the island regions Survey" in 2014 Indonesia , the opportunity that it has been adopted as small and medium-sized enterprises overseas development assistance business projects feasibility study of JICA, and began efforts to business development overseas.

First round of survey was conducted from November 2, 2014 through November 13.
The main contents of the research activities are as follows.
・Jakarta State paid a courtesy visit to the Governor.
・Indonesia Ministry of Industry,
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources,Indonesia Ministry of the Environment,Bali, in Lombok, description and status of the investigation purport to hearing.
・And local waste treatment visit and garbage collection suppliers and opinion exchange facilities include.

Waste disposal problems in the current Indonesia is something like the following.
・To the increasing waste, appropriate action has not been made
・And landfill disposal sites surrounding area of health problems,
adverse effects on the health
・The increase of waste emissions
・Underdeveloped operational management systems for waste treatment
Or more of problem-solving in Chirimesa is valid, also incineration cost,we have conducted a survey and verification,including the terms of any economic effect can be expected When introduced.


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