Middle size incinerator CHIRIMESER TG-195

TG-195 Illustration

High-performance and environment-friendly incinerator.
Removal system to the exhaust.
Reduction in the running cost.


■ Burning capacity: Mixed waste material less than 196kg/h
■ Fire grate area: 1.96㎡

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TG-195 Pamphlet english 2020-11-27


TG-195  Exhaust smoke component test results

itemunitJapanese Environmental regulation valueCHIRIMESER
Dioxin densityng-TEQ/Nm350.98
Dust densityg/Nm30.50.015
Sulfur oxide exhaustNm3/h2.50.034
Nitrogen oxide densityppm2500.43
Hydrogen chloride densitymg/Nm37006.6


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