Wan Nyan Memorial

Thomas Technical Research Institute Customer Interview

October 2, 2020 (Monday)

Wan Nyan Memorial
Store manager Mitsuru Murayama

Wan Nyan Memorial is located in a line of office buildings, a 5-minute walk from Tsubogawa Station on the Yui Rail, Tsubogawa, Naha City.
Wan Nyan Memorial was established 16 years ago. A ceremony hall for pet-only cremations and funerals. Since its founding, we have been using the small incinerator Chirimeser of Thomas Technical Research Institute.
We interviewed Mitsuru Murayama, the store manager.


Wan Nyan Memorial Store manager Mitsuru Murayama


【Q】Can you tell us how you came to consult with Thomas Technical Research Institute?

Before starting a business, the store is located in a residential / office district, so It must be care about smoke, odors, and noise.
And I was looking for a manufacturer that could meet our demands, such as whether it could be used for pet incinerators.

I consulted with several incinerator manufacturers,
“There is no technical staff. Can you operate with standard functions?"
“To handle pets, we have to ask the designer."
I felt that the response to our request was negative, perhaps because it was a troublesome consultation.
I had a hard time because I couldn’t get a bright reply even after consulting.

In such a situation, the Thomas Technical Research Institute was introduced in a local newspaper.
I couldn’t find a manufacturer that could meet our needs, so I immediately consulted with him.
At that time, I think President Fukutomi was doing business alone. I remember that the office was certainly in Nishihara town.

【Q】Why did you choose Thomas Technical Research Institute? What was the deciding factor?


ince its founding, we have been using the small incinerator Chirimeser of Thomas Technical Research Institute. President Fukutomi of Thomas Technical Research Institute has been proactive in making proposals in a situation where other manufacturers are reluctant to support pets.
The improvement cost for pets is not cheap and it is higher than other manufacturers,
Since President Fukutomi is an engineer, he immediately responds to our requests with proposals and suggestions, and responds quickly.
I was able to consult with confidence because he responds immediately. I think this sense of security is the reason I chose it.


【Q】Is it okay there are surrounded by houses and office buildings?

Many people in the neighborhood do not know that there is an incinerator in such a place.
It doesn’t emit smoke and has almost no odor.
The incinerator of Thomas Technical Institute of Technology is indispensable to our business.
If I inconvenience our neighbors with smoke or smell, we cannot do business in this place.
I really appreciate it.

【Q】Please tell us your request to Thomas Technical Research Institute.

Since it has been in operation for 16 years, there are many consumables and deterioration over time, so maintenance is important.
I would like you to continue to carry out inspections and parts replacement as before.
Also, it’s very helpful to have a consultation with the person in charge of maintenance.

【Q】Please tell us what the Wan Nyan Memorial is focusing on.

It has been 16 years since the company was founded, and the way pets are memorialized and the needs and requests of customers have changed little by little since the beginning of the business.
We would like to listen to the requests from our owners and their families and make them happy.
For example, enriching offering of flower, etc. From what we can do, we are steadily improving from the field together with the staff. It’s a stack of small things.



Comments from sales staff of Thomas


【Comments from sales staff of Thomas】

Wan Nyan Memorial has been using for 16 years since its establishment.

“I want to hold a memorial service for their passed away pet and its owner."

It was founded from the idea that, in order to respond to that idea,
We customized it into a pet crematorium while incorporating Mr. Murayama’s request.

Even now, we are working on our business with the customer who is thinking of holding a memorial service for pets first.

If anything happens, we will rush to maintain it, so I hope you can continue to use it for a long time.

Wan Nyan Memorial

Wan Nyan Memorial

Address : 2-9-9 Tsubogawa, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0025
Contact : TEL 098-834-1278
Opening hours : 9:00 to 18:00 * Regular holidays: December 31st, January 1st (otherwise irregular holidays)
Home page : https://www.12-pet.com/


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